How Do You Do Area

How Do You Find the Area of a Circle if You Know the Radius? If you know the radius of a circle, you can use it to find the area of that circle. Just plug that value into the formula for the area of a circle and solve. Watch this tutorial to see how it’s done!

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Then you just add the areas together to get the total area of the figure. A = 64 + 8 = 72 cm 2 . Find the area of the figure shaded in red, given that the dimensions of the rectangle are 11 inches.

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Multiply the length of a rectangle by its width to find its area. For example, if a rectangle has a length of 7 feet and a width of 4 feet, its area is 28 square feet.

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Area is 2-dimensional: it has a length and a width. Area is measured in square units such as square inches, square feet or square meters. To find the area of a rectangle , multiply the length by the width.

Answer To find the the area, multiply the base by the height of any kind of shape. And you will a.

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What I want to do in this video is a fairly straightforward primer on perimeter and area. And I’ll do perimeter here on the left, and I’ll do area here on the right. And you’re probably pretty familiar with these concepts, but we’ll revisit it just in case you are not. Perimeter is essentially the.