Are You The Best

"You are" vs. "you’re" – what is the difference between them? I get confused between the two a lot. I want to understand how to use them appropriately, because I hate making mistakes.

During a job interview, the interviewer might ask you the question, "Why are you the best person for the job?" This is similar to other common interview questions, such as "Why should we hire you?"The interviewer wants to know why you would be a better option to hire than other candidates.

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When a hiring manager asks you, "Why should we hire you?" they are really asking, "What makes you the best fit for this position?" Your answer to this question should be a concise "sales pitch" that explains what you have to offer the employer.

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 · No, you’re not. The best candidate has the sense to know that she has no idea what the rest of the candidate pool looks like. Somewhere along the way, someone told you to be confident and sell yourself in the job application process. But that means showing me what makes you the best candidate, not just telling me and expecting me to believe it.

What “the Best Fit” Means in Employment-Speak. Rather than lose sleep over a fit-based turn-down, move on. Do better pre-interview research. At least you won’t waste time on companies well-known for being a fortress of round holes when you’re a square peg.

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